We design CCTV systems for both commercial and residential properties across the South East of England.

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An intruder alarm system will have three main functions. These will be to deter, detect and create an audible warning as early as possible. Nobody does this better than Banbury-Group. The deterrent comes from our distinctive external alarm bell box on the front of your home or business and the detection comes from the high quality security equipment we install inside your property as standard.

We can install burglar alarm systems in domestic homes ranging from a one bedroom flat up to a large manor style property, and a small office to a several thousand square ft factory, treating every security installation with the same care and attention.


CCTV Systems serve many purposes for residential and commercial properties.  When installed in a property, and are visible to passers-by, they act as a deterrent to criminal activity and increase personal safety. In the unfortunate event of a break-in or theft they can provide vital evidence leading to the prosecution of the individuals involved.

We design CCTV systems for both commercial and residential properties across the Soth East of England. A nationwide service is also available. We supply, install and maintain the most appropriate CCTV system for your needs to provide the most effective deterrent of criminal activity at your premises.

We use the very latest technology cameras which produce excellent day and night pictures and high-quality recording. Internet video streaming is now extremely popular and very widely used. We can set your system up for Internet video streaming too.

Many of our customers use their cameras not just for security but also to help their business along by streaming live feeds of their activities from their Banbury Group cameras directly to their websites for their customers to see. Some systems can even be controlled from your mobile phone.

We take enormous pride in our work, for us it's not just in selecting the right equipment for the job, but also in the installation of the products to ensure it performs well, and that it is esthetically pleasing too